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We are from the eastern tip of the Island of the Gods Bali, in Karangasem Regency, Bali. Here located the highest mountain in Bali, is Mount Agung. Precisely we are in Banjar Siladumi Selat Village at the foot of a Agung mountain. Being at the foot of Mount Agung makes the land in our village very fertile.

There is a lot of natural potential in Selat Karangasem, one of which is that we are a producer of Bali snake fruit or salak as they are called in Bali.


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Salak Gula Pasir

Rp 40.000,-

Salak Gula Pasir

Sugar snake fruit or salak gula pasir as they are called in Bali, original Selat Karangasem Bali is famous for its very sweet taste, does not make you feel nauseated and does not spoil quickly. The difference with salak pondoh is that it has a sweet taste with a high water content. This type of salak has a tiny shape, smaller than the Balinese barking or the pondoh barking and the flesh has a pure white color.

oleholehpulaubali.com - Salak Bali

Salak Bali Biasa

Rp 20.000,-

Salak Bali Biasa

Regular Salak, which comes from Selat Karangasem Bali, does have its own characteristics. Its high water content makes Regular Salak Bali very delicious to enjoy. The Regular Salak Bali is different from the Salak Gula Pasir, from the Regular Salak Bali color it has a yellowish brown color and has a slightly sweet taste. Sometimes when it's too ripe, there will be a blackish color which actually makes it taste sweeter.